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Customer service

Your call will be answered by a member of our team. The skilled, professional and courteous individual at the other end will listen carefully and offer you the best solution to your shipping needs. The big difference at St-Lambert is our vast logistical network.

Éric Bédard (CMILT)
Logistic and Development Director
1-888-338-3381, Ext 2344
Kim Noel
Assistant director of Operations, Sales & Development
1-888-338-3381, Ext 2338
Pascale Cameau
Tracing department
1-888-338-3381, Ext 2340
Richard Léger
Operation & Dispatch
1-888-338-3381, Ext 2328
Steeve Landry
1-888-338-3381, Ext 2350
Robert Brennan
Operations & Dispatch
1-888-338-3381, Ext 2349
Réjean Bédard
Asset Planner and Operation
1-888-338-3381, Ext 2345
Kurt Rodrigue
Operation & Dispatch
1-888-338-3381, Ext 2336
Jacques Bergeron
Operation & Dispatch
1-888-338-3381, Ext 2340
Sophie Légaré
Operation & Dispatch
1-888-338-3381, Ext 2341

Tracking software BesRoute

At any given time we  provide real time updates of shipping progress during every phase of delivery  of  your goods. In addition, proactive measures are taken to alleviate a problem.  You will be advised  immediately of any unexpected difficulties that may occur.

BesRoute shipping software developed by Besner is based on our vast experience in highway shipping and on our desire to provide you with the best quality service possible. From the moment your order is received, until final delivery, BesRoute guarantees full control over all phases of delivery and movement of your goods.

Our cutting-edge tracking BesRoute software allows us to :

  • Conduct efficient and lean management over the movement of all types of merchandise  that we carry.
  • Update information to clients in real time at any moment during the various phases from pickup to delivery.
  • Provide personalized documentation for each client using a wide variety of configurations.
  • Offer superior top-quality services across the board.

Sample of available real time data

List of tractors and trailers on route with colour coded priorities to facilitate monitoring of unexpected situations and to be proactive.

Sample driver logbook updates in real-time for each assignment modification in order to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

This data can also be viewed using road maps from PC*MILER® and Google Maps.



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